Surrender the Farm EP

by Borzoi

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This EP was recorded live to a 8-track cassette, with all the mics pointed in the wrong direction. In case you were wondering how it sounds this bad.

Special thanks to Gerard Cosloy, Max Meehan, Kana Harris, and the Miami Police Department.

Maximiano Deems (who is not in the band but would like to give special thanks to the fact that he never went to college) was supposed to record this, but wound up huffing hair-dye in the garage instead. This 7" is in loving memory of him.

NOTE: This album is not technically for sale online. You're welcome to pay $100, but you'd be making a huge mistake. IF HOWEVER you feel like you deserve an electronic download of this EP, please send us a detailed Application of Interest to explaining why you should be given this EP via internet (Are you a hot shot record exec? Are you a music reviewer? Are you Max's mom? These are all examples of reasons that will be rejected out of hand.)


released April 1, 2017

Written by Borzoi
Recorded by Max Deems (Motel Hell Publishing)
Mastered painstakingly by Adam Smith
Under License to 12XU



all rights reserved


Borzoi Austin, Texas

Zach Wood- Vocals/Guitar

Taylor Browne- Bass/Organ

Rhys Woodruff- Vocals/Drums

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Track Name: Surrender the Farm
Smelling of skoal and BWW's
Familiar fluid in a constant gen flow
Cuz tied up in closet with sounding rod
Gangly hanging arms
Looks like Ichabod

First Okeechobee looking like my sink
They found the shed, playthings, and magazines
Then camera flash exploiting secrecy
Headline: 'Incest Saga'
Fuck off we no want bother
Keep to ourselves in the Love Barn
FLPD says "Surrender the farm"

Only hip people move to Florida
The grouches stay hom
But no Electral love here, man
No Electral bonin'
Track Name: Feeding The Pig Dog
I'm too distracted with things I enjoy
Make Dad feel like laughing but acts
Supportive and coy
Nevertheless I know why it puts a stitch in my side
Dependable men know whats right

"Your place in this world will reside in a job"
Shows all your worth, show us all your worth

Crown roams on empty to the two o'clock sun
Cut-grass aroma seeps in as I watch two cars in front
A little forearm extends past the window to the bed
Of the truck next to it bulldog feeds chocolate from kid
I couldn't tell what it was
Maybe a car-warmed crevasse treat?
Left for days to ripen
Definitely delectably eaten
He was scarfin' it down
Scarfing it down
Slobber dog munches crunch in his mouth

He was scarfing it down
Scarfing it down
Round mama turns to kid and swats him real hard
"Stop feeding it!"
Round moma swats the kid and raplhs out aloud
:Stop feein' it!"

"But mama he's so pretty
Mama I want him
Mama I love him!"

Stop feeding the pig dog

Now the K-9s
Now the K-9s
Track Name: Desert Rose
Better flee for the fields
A new coming on the rise
Destiny's damsel
Un-relinquished by men

Desert Rose

Fuzzy fumes and metal jacket
Pink dress for a flak jacket
Purging of insolence
Sand grinds skin to a headache
Beliefs you will never hold
In haunts where sisters croak

How many trees in Arabia?
You've never been so
you cannot perceive
How fast worst can get
Holding 'K's
"The girls are
undermined but you can stay"

Desert Rose
Track Name: Millipede
Avoid your opinions
Like them filthy diseases
Learn to abandon
All your thank-you's and please's
Discard discretion
Fondle your concerns
Film it all and share it
Show us what you learned


Coquettishly whispered
Into desktop microphone
Followed by millions
And they all want you alone
But you can't seem to handle
Shifting social preceptions
Even worse is you in-box
Filled with pics of erections